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ICE DREAMS by Maxine Walter

Bournemouth’s Seafront Artist in Residence ‘Maxine Walter’

Maxine Walter was selected as this year’s Seafront Artist in Residence. Her objective was to create a series of images that would convey the work that goes on behind the scenes of Bournemouth’s seafront to make it a world class beach destination. Maxine was given special access to behind the scenes areas not open to the public, where she could speak to staff and observe the work they do. In this unique collection of works, Maxine provides us with a rare insight which inspires us to view our seafront experience in a different way. Her artwork can also be seen on Bournemouth Pier.

“Taking up the seafront residency has provided me with the opportunity to study a familiar subject with a wonderfully fresh new perspective. Talking to both the seafront teams and visitors alike, I’ve heard their experiences described in such a way that it’s possible to visualise the emotional connection that they have with their surroundings – something that I hope is captured through my art.”

“In the summertime, Bournemouth seafront is like the swan: calm and serene on the surface but paddling like fury underneath. Everything from the enormity of the Air Festival to keeping the beaches safe and clean for the bucket and spade brigade takes an army of dedicated individuals. The 300+ strong team really do make holidays happen. Being given the opportunity to mingle among the thousands of visitors to Bournemouth’s seafront has really made me appreciate what I sometimes take for granted as someone who lives here – the joy and freedom of being by the sea, the fresh air, the beauty of our coastline and to be afforded time to just sit and stare out to the horizon or to head off on an adrenaline fuelled adventure”

Maxine Walter is a Digital Artist whose work transforms the visible world, experimenting with form and colour to create vibrant reductive images. Working from a studio in Wimborne Minster, with the beautiful South Coast on her doorstep Maxine finds inspiration during her many outdoor adventures.

With a background in clothing design and a career in the fashion industry spanning over 20 years, creativity has been a dominant feature and a driving force throughout her career. Maxine’s style has evolved in response to the complexities and frenetic pace of modern life. Driven to explore its direct contradiction, her work aims to describe the world in a simpler, less overwhelming and more balanced way.

The starting point for every image is a photograph taken with digital transformation in mind. Working with a carefully selected colour palette, each image is then segmented, manipulated and simplified, reducing its complexity to create the final image.

The exhibition opens next Monday, September 5th at Bournemouth Library and runs until September 30th.