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BBQ’s on the Beach

What better way to end a summer’s day on the beach than with a BBQ!

So you’ll be pleased to know that the beaches of Bournemouth and Poole allow you to do just that.

You can have a BBQ on the beach after 6.00pm but please note that only charcoal or gas barbeques can be used, no open fires are permitted. Please dispose of your BBQ safely and responsibly and ensure that you dowse hot coals first. Cinder bins are available in various locations. DO NOT put your BBQ in the normal rubbish or recycling bins.


The following guidelines must be adhered to:

• Barbeques cannot start before 6.00pm and must end by 11.00pm
• Maximum attendance at a BBQ is 100 people. For BBQ’s of over 30 people You will need to complete and return the enclosed application form and return along with a comprehensive risk assessment and a copy of your £5 million Public Liability Insurance.
• Barbecues must be located within fifty metres of the provided cinder bins and all hot coals are to be safely disposed of in the cinder bins provided
• Only charcoal or gas barbecues may be used – there can be no open fires.
• The site must be left clean and free of litter, please take litter with you or use nearby waste bins. DO NOT BURY RUBBISH IN THE SAND.
• No loud or amplified music is permitted – please keep all noise to a minimum.
• No flashing lights are permitted on site – you are on the shoreline and the use of flashing or laser lights can be hazardous
• The erection of tents or other structures is not permitted
• BBQ’s cannot be held for monetary gain therefore we do not allow any financial transactions to take place e.g. payment for food or drinks to the general public.
• Please note that the promenade cannot be used for unloading or for parking. Standard car parking charges will apply if using a Council car park.
• Do not place hot coals in any of the bins or bury them under the sand.
• Cinder bins are available at Solent Beach (eastern most end near Hengistbury Head), Boscombe Beach (between groyne 24 and 25), Bournemouth East (opposite the base of the Toft Zig-Zag pathway) and Alum Chine Beach between groyne 3 and 4).
• For smaller disposable BBQ’s please leave them on the edge of the promenade and the beach cleansing team will remove once they have cooled down
• For large BBQ’s please make arrangements to remove the ashes from site and dispose of away from the seafront.
• Bournemouth Borough Council Byelaws must be observed

A BBQ site map can be found by visiting https://www.bournemouth.co.uk/dbimgs/BBQ%20Site%20Map.pdf If you have any queries or concerns please contact the Seafront Office on 01202 451781.


The following guidelines must be adhered to:

• BBQ’s cannot start before 6pm and must be completed by 11pm. (unless in the designated BBQ zone at Sandbanks where BBQ’s are permitted between 9am and 11pm on a first come first served basis).
• Large BBQ’s and parties (30 – 100 people) must take place in the designated area – not on the promenade, patio areas, beach hut patios, balcony areas or sand dunes. The council cannot guarantee that your party will have exclusive use of the designated area.
• No loud or amplified music is permitted – please keep all noise to a minimum.
• Generators of any kind are not permitted on the beaches or promenades.
• Only charcoal BBQ’s may be used – there can be no open fires.
• Flashing lights are not permitted on site – you are on the shoreline and the use of flashing or laser lights can be hazardous.
• There must be no financial transactions carried out in relation to the BBQ e.g. payment for food or drinks by the general public.
• The promenade cannot be used for access, unloading or equipment or parking of vehicles.
• Car parking charges as posted will apply if using any Council car park whilst attending any event, BBQ or private function.
• Please leave the site in a clean and tidy condition. All litter must be removed and deposited in nearby waste bins. Please remember to recycle.
• Please do not bury rubbish in the sand – it may cause a health & safety hazard to other beach users.
• Please leave used portable BBQ’s on the promenade next to the bins for collection by the beach cleaners. Metal waste bins are provided at Sandbanks for the disposing of ashes. Do not put hot ashes in the plastic waste bins.
• Please give proper consideration and respect to other beach users.
• Council officers will be carrying out routine checks and have the authority to enforce these guidelines

BBQ’s cannot be held on Lake Pier beach or Hamworthy Park beach,

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