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Be part of Bournemouth’s Candlelight Procession

This year the Candlelight Event is going back to its original roots with a candlelit procession through Bournemouth’s historical Lower Gardens. We are looking for volunteers to embark on a journey to the seafront just as the Empress Elizabeth did over a hundred years ago.

Bournemouth’s Candlelight Nights have long been a part of the town’s history dating back to 1897 when Empress Elizabeth travelled to Bournemouth and enjoyed Candlelit walks through the Lower Gardens.

Over the years, the event has been adapted to become an event the town knows today, but this year, the Candlelight Event is going back to where it all started and we want you to be a part of this special event.

We are looking for young volunteers and their guardians to form part of the procession through the Lower Gardens. Children will be provided with hanging lanterns and adults will be provided with procession torches and all will be invited to walk with the Empress through the Lower Gardens, where lanterns will then form part of a special finale piece.

Much like the Candlelight Nights in 1897, Bournemouth’s Candlelight Procession will see a limited number of hanging lanterns line the main pathway through the Lower Gardens taking people on a captivating journey towards the seafront. Children will be able to light these lanterns and the Empress’ route before joining the procession itself. Surrounding this, there will storytelling of the history of the Lower Gardens and meet and greets with the Empress herself!

Become part of the Empress’ entourage and walk her by candlelight down the lit pathways of the beautiful Lower Gardens to the seafront – an enchanting event for the whole family!

Entertainment begins from 7pm around the Lower Gardens Bandstand. The procession gathers in the Lower Gardens and begins at 8.45pm, lasting around 20 minutes.

For more information and to register your place please contact events@bournemouth.gov.uk or call 01202 451718