Dorset in Pictures

Dorset, which lies in the south-west of England, boasts a wide variety of spectacular landscapes, from the cliffs and beaches of its Jurassic Coast, its chalk downs and limestone hills, heathland and vales, to its historic towns and villages and other ancient settlements. In Dorset in Pictures, photographer Matthew Pinner takes a fresh look at Dorset, capturing the huge variety of scenery, natural and man-made, that makes Dorset special. For those who live in the county and its many thousands of visitors this book is a must. Look through these photographs and you will quickly see why this corner of England has such enduring appeal. 

Highcliffe Castle

“there are many reasons why I chose to capture Dorset, but mainly it’s because it’s my home. Not only is it one of the most iconic coastlines but its where I grew up and each place I capture it’s like I’m reliving precious memories.”

Matthew Pinner
Wimborne Minster

“It’s hard to choose a favourite from the book but if I had to then I would probably choose Wimborne minster in the mist as it was such a memorable morning! Mother nature was on my side! Along with the poppy field as that image probably got some of the best feedback I have every received”

Matthew Pinner
Gold Hill

‘Dorset in Pictures’ will be released on October 15 2022, pre-order your copy today on Amazon👇