Let us know about your local lockdown life!

My Local Lockdown Life is an exciting new project which aims to collect the experiences of BCP Council residents living through the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period. BCP Council in partnership with Arts by the Sea, Dorset Race Equality Council, Pavilion Dance South West and Poole Housing partnership will be looking to capture how communities and individuals have experienced Covid-19, by asking residents to send in visual arts and recordings of feelings during lockdown which could include photos, stories, poetry and films.


The three month project will create a record and collect the experiences of BCP residents living through the pandemic to be viewed now and by future generations, covering the impact of Covid-19 on all our lives.

Residents are invited to submit their experiences of lockdown which could include photos, pictures, collages, drawings, paintings, poems, letters, postcards, stories, or recordings of good quality audio or video footage.

Councillor Vikki Slade, Leader of the Council said:

“This project is an opportunity to view the Covid-19 pandemic through the experiences of our local residents through lockdown. When something of this magnitude happens, it can be really helpful for people to share their feelings and experiences and then learn and reflect on what happened and what it has meant to them.  By doing it in artform we hope to record the diversity of the area and to encourage communities to come together to share their experiences which could include crafts produced during lockdown, pictures of the community clapping for carers, photos of deserted streets. The global pandemic is history in the making and this artwork will be inspiring for people now and for generations to come.”

The project will run for three months and materials will be kept to create a record of this historical time and to promote and eventually through a range of partners create an exhibition.  Artwork can be submitted digitally to kathy.boston-mammah@bcpcouncil.gov.uk  or physically by handing in at a local open library in the BCP Council area before Monday 2 November. Check the opening times of your local library here: www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/libraries