Plans underway to make Poole Quay and (Lower) High St enhanced walking and cycling measures seasonal

Following a six-month public consultation and extensive discussions with the local business community, BCP Council will progress with plans to keep the Poole Quay enhanced walking and cycling measures in place over the summer and remove them during winter.

Last summer BCP Council introduced experimental measures to prioritise walking and cycling at Poole Quay. These measures were intended to support more sustainable journeys and create a welcoming outdoor environment for residents, businesses and visitors.


Under amended proposals, from 1 April to 31 October – 10am to 10pm, the following areas would be closed to motor vehicles:

  • The Quay (between Thames Street and the mini roundabout at the end of Old Orchard).
  • High Street (from the junction with Castle Street down to The Quay).
  • Castle Street (the first 10 metres north of the Quay).
  • Paradise Street.

Parking would be permitted in existing and disabled parking bays between 10pm and 10am. The decision remains subject to Traffic Regulation Orders, including a statutory consultation process, which BCP Council intends to complete by 1 November 2021. 

From 1 November to 31 March the roads will be fully open with parking provision in existing bays of 30 mins up to 6pm and 2 hours, 6pm to 10am.

Councillor Mike Greene, BCP Council Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability, said: 

“With strong views gathered both for and against the measures, we’ve been working hard to come up with a suitable solution which provides the most benefits for everyone. Our amended plans have the dual aim of creating an environment that helps local businesses to prosper as they make their way out of the pandemic, while also enhancing opportunities for those walking and cycling. 

“During the summer they will create a vibrant outdoor space where people can continue to move around freely, safely and sustainably on foot or by bike. Businesses can take advantage of the changes when we expect the area to be busy. When the weather becomes less favourable, potential customers have the convenience to get around by car. This practical proposal will provide the best of both worlds.’’

“I would particularly like to thank Poole BID (Business Improvement District) for helping us develop these proposals and finding a way through.’’

A number of businesses have already benefited from the scheme and taken the opportunity to extend their outdoor seating onto the highway using pavement licences where permitted. Residents also responded more favourably to retaining the changes as time progressed and after they had experienced the benefits of the road closures first-hand.

Jacqui Rock, Poole BID Lead, comments:

“We are pleased to have come to a suitable conclusion after taking appropriate steps to consult with our Members and having implemented the inferences of these findings.

“The enhanced measures will promote Poole Quay and our Old Town as a thriving local destination, where our residents, retailers and visitors alike can benefit from outside events and the café culture environment during the summer months, with the wintertime road opening maximising the opportunity for our businesses to continue to benefit from customer activity.

“Thank you to Councillor Mike Greene and BCP Council for their inclusion of Poole BID into these discussions and long may our relationship continue to prosper Poole as a historic, cultural and vibrant location for people to visit throughout the year.”

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