Poole’s new shopping district is set to rejuvenate the town centre as it adds a further five new retailers into the mix at KINGLAND

Legal & General’s development continues at KINGLAND, Poole’s new shopping district on Kingland Crescent, to transform what was once a tired and grey high street into a thriving stretch of ten shops showcasing the county’s most innovative, up-and-coming young companies.  

Legal & General is working with local independent businesses to deliver a tailored retail solution that works for them. Having announced the arrival of three new retailers last year, HUX Custom Surfboards and Café, Greenslade Fishmonger and Grounded Coffee, Legal & General is delighted to confirm that five new retailers are set to receive the keys to their units this week, with each of them hoping to open their doors once lockdown restrictions are eased.

The next phase of confirmed retailers include: 


These new businesses will join a community of traders on Kingland Crescent and retailers at neighbouring Dolphin Shopping Centre.

By working with local businesses to find the perfect fit for the street, Legal & General has brought together Dorset’s most innovative entrepreneurs to create a vibrant shopping experience with the local community in mind.  All ten retailers on Kingland Crescent will benefit from no rent or business rates for two years. This is to kick-start the unparalleled shopping experience that will see Poole become an exciting new retail environment, creating a future-ready space which re-connects people with place.

John Grinnell, Centre Manager of the Dolphin Shopping Centre and KINGLAND, commented: “We have been working closely with our owners at Legal & General to revive our high street and create a visionary shopping experience for our local communities to enjoy. Owing to changes in consumer trends, the UK retail sector has undergone a seismic shift in recent years and as a knock-on effect of the pandemic, people are choosing to shop locally more than ever —shopping habits have changed with consumers putting a larger focus on supporting small businesses at this time.

“KINGLAND has already become a strong community hub. Once lockdown restrictions are lifted and shoppers can return, it will come into its own, offering a lively and energetic shopping experience that our locals will actually want to visit and support.”

Speaking on the scheme from a retailer perspective, Simon Constantine, Owner of ånd fragrance, added: “KINGLAND already feels like a small community emerging. All the store owners are supporting one another despite not being able to actually meet at the moment. I expect it to be a very warm and inviting experience to shop at KINGLAND, with some truly inspiring stores and products. KINGLAND will showcase the best of what small independent businesses can offer a town.”

Dan Pink, Director of Ten Foot Naked, said: “We can’t wait to open as we just know that the whole crescent will be full of life and joy. We want to bring a fun and exciting shopping experience to Poole, whilst also offering eco shopping alternatives.”

KINGLAND is already home to a wide range of new independent businesses, which despite the current lockdown restrictions, have settled in well. The KINGLAND community currently includes: Wild RootsGreenslade FishRestored RetroGrounded Coffee and HUX Custom Surfboards and Café

Denz Ibrahim, Head of Retail and Futuring at LGIM Real Assets, said: “With the ultimate mission to make incredible places for people, KINGLAND is a true physical manifestation of what can happen when you offer the local creative community a platform to launch their ideas and share their stories.

“At Legal & General, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure our retail places are future ready and remain dynamic; responding to our human desire for social connections. Our role as the owner is shifting from what was historically ‘the librarian’ (collecting rent and cleaning) to an ‘editor’ of space, where we curate the environments to ensure we have the right content, at the right time, in the right places.

“We are super proud of the first ten selected brands opening their doors in KINGLAND, and we look forward to building on this momentum.”

The redevelopment of Kingland Crescent is the first step in Legal & General’s long-term plans for the area which will see innovation and investment in the neighbouring Dolphin Shopping Centre. As part of an ambitious national strategy to reinvent retail, Legal & General is committed re-imagining its retail assets, future-proofing them for the long-term. 

Shoppers are encouraged to follow the centre’s social media channels and check the website for more updates on the scheme and opening plans in line with government guidance.

Please visit www.dolphinshoppingcentre.co.uk for more information.