Twin Sails Bridge in Poole lighting up in purple to support the Census weekend

The Twin Sails Bridge in Poole is joining hundreds of buildings and landmarks throughout England and Wales being lit in purple this weekend to celebrate the upcoming census and its importance to communities. 

The event will raise awareness of census day on March 21st. The survey, which takes place every ten years, gives a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. Census 2021 will give the ONS fresh information to increase its long-term understanding of the impact of the pandemic, and make sure that the services people use meet the needs of our changing society. 

Other iconic landmarks taking part in the celebration include the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, BT Tower and Brixton Town Hall in London, and Blackpool Tower, which will see them light up in the Census 2021 brand colour from Friday March 19th through to March 21st. 


Pete Benton, director of census operations, Office for National Statistics, commented: “The census is such an important undertaking that helps inform the vital services we all rely on every single day within our communities. 

“We wanted to shine a (purple!) light on the buildings and landmarks that matter most to their local areas, highlighting the importance of the census in helping shape the communities we live in. 

“We’re thrilled with all the support we have received so far and would like to thank the many buildings and landmarks for their participation. Now is the time for everyone to complete their census and be part of history.” 

The buildings that have been illuminated are landmarks of the communities they are located in and will capture the parallel that highlights the important role the census plays in shaping and building communities throughout England and Wales.Bournemouth Pier will also be taking part and will have rolling text displayed across it’s building in support of the Census weekend.