New Berlin Wall Exhibit at Careys Secret Garden

Designed to divide, used to unite

Careys Secret Garden creates special installation using parts of the Berlin Wall.

By very definition, walls are meant to separate and stand as symbols of division or oppression.  There are currently 74 border walls across the globe, most erected over the last few decades.  They are being used to define borders, prevent movement, discourage illegal movement of goods, to repel migrants and refugees or even just to exert power or authority.  

But what if they could stand for something else?  For unity, togetherness and cohesion.  For creating a safe haven that encourages growth, and provides safety, protection and a sense of belonging.  

A new permanent exhibit at Careys Secret Garden, in Wareham, aims to highlight just that.  The garden is nestled within a wall, and 7 full-size pieces of the Berlin Wall have been installed in a woodland area on the estate to draw juxtaposition between walls that separate people and those that unite.  

Adorned with graffiti and street art of the time, these special pieces had been relocated after the fall of the wall in 1989 and, through one misadventure and another, remained largely unseen since.

Once a symbol of oppression and division, the team at Carey hope to use them now to start important conversations about the use of border walls in different parts of the world. 

Careys Secret Garden Berlin Wall Exhibit

Walls that unite

3 years ago the Victorian walls of Careys Secret Garden were rediscovered after decades hidden from view. Despite the fact they had been largely untouched the walls still exuded a sense of calm and refuge.  Setting about rehabilitating them and the gardens contained within felt as much a job of conservation of this precious atmosphere as it was of physical restoration. 

The walls create a feeling of sanctuary.  Physically they create a microclimate – the walls are south facing to deliberately capture the sun, and shield from strong winter winds, while the surrounding trees offer added protection. 

Simon Constantine, Founder of Careys Secret Garden, comments: 

“In the age of division, with so many people requiring you to be either in or out, what if there was another way? What, if instead of deciding between building walls or building bridges, there was a way that both could be ok?

Can people find space to grow, to cultivate their inner world to be strong enough for the wider world? Can we connect to the best aspects of our past but relinquish the ugly foundations some of those ideals were built on? Can we address the present ecological and social crises and, through a sense of belonging, build healthy futures together? Can these walls that have been built actually allow us to grow, to connect with one another?”

Launched on 9th November, in honour of the date the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 – entry to this new exhibit is an additional £2.50 for pre-booked Garden visitors, which will be donated to the communities who are kept apart by war and walls.

The Secret Garden is open for visitors each Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am. All Garden Visit tickets must be pre-booked via Careys booking site. 

Garden Visit Tickets are £7.50 for Adults, £2.75 for Children, FREE entry for under 5’s. Careys Secret Garden is hosting ‘Enchanted Garden’ evenings this Winter, come and view the garden beautifully illuminated after-dark. Careys Secret Garden also offers Annual Memberships starting from £40 per person. Further details can be found at