Turbo Stunt Plane in First for Festival

The world’s first turbo jet-powered Pitts Special muscle bi-plane will be thundering through the skies at Bournemouth Air Festival this year.

Former RAF Tornado pilot Richard Goodwin will be displaying his unique G-JPIT bi-plane, which he has reengineered to include two massive ATM Lynx Jet engines.

The plane can perform aerobatic manoeuvres such as double-hammerheads and the amazing Tower of Power, complete backwards flight and high-alpha knife-edge flypasts.

Goodwin, who built the plane from his garden shed, said: “Normally we go along a runway and once we’re in the air we accelerate to 130 and 140 knots, before we can start doing any manoeuvring.

“With this plane you get airborne at 60-70 knots and ease into the vertical and go straight up. “You may well have seen the Typhoon do that manoeuvre.”

Goodwin custom build the plane, which is sponsored by Sabio Group, with his colleague and aircraft designer, Eddie Sauernman.

Read more about Goodwin’s invention in the official air festival souvenir programme, which gives free access to the most up-to-date display times over the four days through the Bournemouth Air Festival App. The programme includes exclusive stories about the aircraft and stories on King Charles III’s links to the military.

Young engineers wanting to follow in the footsteps of Goodwin can find out more about careers in science, technology, engineering and maths at the Ultra Energy STEM Village on the East Cliff.

Don’t miss out on exclusive tickets for the best views of Goodwin’s stunning aerobatic skills in the Pitts as well as all the incredible aircraft displaying in the VIP daytime and evening hospitality tent along the central flight line. 

Councillor Millie Earl, Deputy Leader of BCP Council and Portfolio Holder for Connected Communities, said: “There’s one month left to go now till this exciting free festival on our award-winning beaches takes place, so stick the date in your diary and don’t miss out.” 

Goodwin’s display appearance is supported by Oceana Group.